20 Years of Experience

We Have The Power Today To Change Tomorrow!

Le Mirage aims to become one of the leading event management companies in Qatar first and then in the region by creating new creative ideas linking authenticity and modernity to meet all needs to provide new development, economic and social opportunities, thus establishing professional value in managing and implementing the actuals in terms of organization and services required. Le Mirage is the product of an idea that has been with its owner for years to take shape and become a goal to achieve, to organize events in a professional global way using the latest modern regulatory frameworks. So, we take another step in achieving the vision. Le Mirage is an individual limited liability company owned by Ms. Rawda Al Ameri, an active Qatari with nearly 20 years of experience in the private and public field.

Le Mirage Services

Visual and media documentation
Organizing corporate celebrations
Provision of effectiveness devices
Organizing press conferences
Building, designing, and implementing cultural programs and projects
Strengthening and institutional development
Creating and building effective partnerships
Event management, organization and implementation

How Do We Work?

The life cycle of the planned event may vary in complexity and time, but all projects are planned according to the structure of the following projects:

The conference began
The launch of the Forum is the first phase of its life cycle, which essentially reflects the introduction of the Forum by defining the purpose and scope of the Forum and determining how the proposed plan will be implemented
The stage of effectiveness
During this phase, we propose the use of the structure drawn below to ensure that the phase is well implemented by L.M. by the entrepreneur.
Organization and preparation stage
This phase is linked to the creation of planning documents that will help the team perform its tasks throughout the forum period
The implementation phase of the project
During this phase, the project outputs are built and submitted to the customer for approval.

Our Strategic Objectives:


Contribute to the comprehensive and sustainable development of Qatari society


Promoting the good reputation of cultural identity and the popular heritage of Qatari society worldwide


Meet the needs of individuals and institutions for tourism, cultural and advertising services, activities, and programs


Profit making and maximizing the investment benefits of shareholders